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Who Are We?

Well Fit is run by local instructors with over 25 years experience, all of whom are passionate about offering classes in the community


Louise Simons

Director & Lead Instructor

I am the proud owner of WellFit. With over 25 years experience in dancing and teaching dance, I am passionate about wellbeing, fitness and bringing together a community of WellFitties!

I started my career as a professional dancer and developed the skills to teach others. I gained my qualifications to teach Ballet, Modern and Tap dance. I spent 15 years at sea, travelling and working aboard Princess Cruises as a dancer, line captain and production coordinator. Then, I moved to land to start a family. Having tried a variety of land-based professions, I soon discovered Zumba and so, my new chapter began.

I started out teaching Zumba, then gained my Level 2 Exercise to Music and have developed my repertoire to include Aqua, Strictly Fit, Barre fitness & HIIT. I enjoy learning new forms of dance and dance-related exercise to share with my classes, so if you ever hear of one – be sure to let me know! I am always up for a challenge and will continue to achieve qualifications in order to offer new and exciting classes.

For me, the flexibility of being an instructor is wonderful as I can spend quality time with my family. 

I’m very lucky to love what I do, and I especially love choreographing new routines as I get to express my creative side. Leading a healthy lifestyle and gaining friends through our Wellfit classes is just another bonus! (It’s like having a second family).

Join our wonderful family today! I look forward to seeing you in class.

Louise x


James Temple

Body  Tone

I’m truly honoured to be instructing for Wellfit. I really love any company that is taking fitness into local communities and making it accessible to everyone, Wellfit certainly are doing doing that.


I've been working in the fitness world nearly 15 years, it’s not job to me its my passion, my life. One that stemmed from my background in professional sport, I’ve been fortunate enough to play International Beach Soccer for England now for over a decade with 130 caps to my name.


My choices around lifestyle, nutrition and training I believe have really prolonged my career as an athlete but also allowed to become a happy and healthy dad to my two boys Leo and Noah. Its my feeling that the human body is remarkable thing and we should strive always to be as strong, happy and healthy as we possibly can be. My main work is personal training and Nutrition, having previously been a gym owner, I instruct a lot of strength and conditioning work but have a good range of qualifications.  


Nothing makes me happier than seeing people get stronger, more mobile, reduce their injury likelihood and move forward in their health and wellbeing.



Katie Jerwood

Fit & Flow, Zumba, Barre, Pilates & HIIT

Hi, I am Katie!

I believe with a passion that participation with any sport or form of exercise has multiple benefits. Not only is there proven evidence how an increase in physical activity benefits mental health, there are the physical benefits too.

For me, exercise is the best medicine and I guarantee you will leave any of my classes with a smile on your face! Try and prove me wrong 😊

I got into Zumba 8 years ago, after having had my first daughter and instantly got hooked; the music, the different rhythms and routines. It just made exercising so much fun!

I then started going to all sorts of group exercise classes, enjoying them far more than working out on my own in the gym. Now, I teach Zumba alongside other dance orientated fitness classes, HIIT and body conditioning.

My classes are full of energy and enthusiasm, which I hope will inspire you to have fun as you work out and achieve your goals.

Let’s inject some FUN back into your workout!

Katie x


Abi Ellis


Hi, I am Abi!

I grew up in West Africa, so music and dance have been a prominent fixture in my life for as long as I can remember. It should really be no surprise then, that Zumba fell into my lap back in 2012.

Moving to the beat, enjoying the movement, it is all I’ve known – so Zumba, for me is the best way to have fun whilst keeping fit. I have over the years developed choreography that is easy to follow, fun and effective for your workout! It really does suit all forms of music, so classes can never get boring as we are constantly developing techniques here at WellFit.

As a wife and mother of 3, I know time and motivation can be hard to find. Therefore, finding a way to improve my fitness, that is fun and keeps me motivated is so important. I make Zumba apart of my lifestyle!

Join me to discover a good fun workout that gives you such a boost, you are ready to overcome anything!

Abi x


Caris Baker

Total Body Workout & Pilates

Hi, I’m Caris!

My passion for fitness didn’t start at a young age, I was always the one with an excuse to get out of PE at school but my love for dance eventually led me to become a Zumba instructor in 2011. From there I developed a love for all things fitness and I have been taking on new courses and qualifications whenever I can, working around my two young children and our busy life at home. (Studying for my anatomy and physiology exams with a 6 month old baby was quite a challenge!)

I am incredibly passionate about promoting the mental health benefits of exercise as well as for physical health and strength and I always encourage people to exercise because they enjoy it and not because they feel they should. Find something you love doing and it’s never a chore!

Even outside of work, exercise is a big part of my life. I run as often as I can and weight train a few times a week too. I love a challenge and think it’s important to have goals and an aim in sight so, in May, I completed my first full 13 mile Tough Mudder and I’m already desperate to book the next one!

I’m so excited to be a part of the WellFit community and looking forward to getting to know you all!

Love, Caris x


Mel Winstanley

Zumba, Zumba Toning, Total Body Workout, & Pilates

Growing up I have had a passion for dance and music, if there was a beat I would start moving. 

It wasn’t until I found Zumba Fitness that my passion for Fitness ignited.  In 2013 I decided that I wanted to make a difference and decided to complete my Fitness Instructor Training, and this is where my journey began.

I am a firm believer in Making Fitness Fun!

I am half Thai and grew up on a little Island called Guernsey.  I moved to Chichester in the UK to Study Dance and Media Production at the University of Chichester.  I love to Travel and see the world and do fun things in general.  As a fitness enthusiast I enjoy walking, running and hiking taking in the English Country views. 

I am also a qualified Sports Massage Therapist.  Sports Massage is an effective treatment to recover from soft tissue damage and tight muscles.  Having suffered an injury myself, I wanted to learn more about the Anatomy of the human body and found myself fascinated how everything is connected and how I can help fix it.  I am excited that I am now able to help others in not only fitness but also in mind and body.

Mel x


Zoe Hopwood

Zumba & Zumba Gold

Hi I’m Zoe,


I live in Bognor Regis with my husband and 2 boys and I love ZUMBA!!! I loved to dance as a child and teen and belonged to a local dance school dancing in tap, ballet and jazz. 

I joined in my first Zumba class about 15 years ago and I became hooked! I finally became brave enough to take my Zumba instructor training during lockdown and have been teaching online and in person classes every since! I love high energy rhythms like merengue and soca. But I love a good reggaton too! 

I can’t wait to see you all in class.

Zoe x


Julie Young


Hi, I am Julie! 


I fell in love with Zumba in 2008 and have been a member of WellFit ever since. After 15 years I have decided to take the plunge and become an instructor. I have made great friends through WellFit and I’m thankful for all your encouragement and support in this new journey. 


Zumba is part of my lifestyle now - moving my body to the beat of the music is a great escape from the every day stresses that comes from being a wife, a mother of 4 girls and a night time care assistant for the elderly in a residential setting. Therefore, I know that finding motivation to exercise can be a struggle and I would like to support you as best as I can to find your escape through Zumba. 


The routines that I will be leading in class are upbeat and will leave you feeling energised! I look forward to seeing you all in class with your happy faces and smiles. 


Julie x




Gonca is a senior Yoga Alliance Professionals and BWY teacher. She teaches mainly Yin, Vinyasa Flow, Hatha and Scarevelli inspired Yoga as well as meditation, Pranayama and Pre & Post Natal Yoga. She has advanced diplomas in Anatomy, Physiology, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Philosophy, and has trained extensively with Paul Grilley, Sarah Powers, John Stirk and Maarten Vermaase.

Gonca believes that yoga practice should be enjoyable and result in participants feeling great after the class, both physically and mentally. She tailors her classes to individual or group needs and expectations, and offers options for different levels of experience, phyisical ability and flexibility. She incorporates her knowledge and experience of meridians and chakras, energy centres into her yoga classes. Her classes are open to all levels and abilities.

Regular yoga practice improves overall health, strength, and flexibility, promotes efficient breathing and increases enjoyent of life.


Tilly Burrows


Hi I’m Tilly!


I’m a newbie Zumba instructor, qualifying in April 2023, however I have been dancing for 15 years and have been teaching/assisting a whole range of different dance classes for the past four years.


I’ve always loved teaching, seeing people having fun and enjoying themselves in my classes are the whole reason I do what I do. I also love to express my creative side and choreograph lots of different routines to fun tracks. 


I’m so excited to meet you all and get to know you in class soon!


Tilly x

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